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SEEK offers student tailored private / semi private yoga sessions as well as group classes. Pia Fiato teaches energetically, with a strong emphasis on anatomy and alignment. Her client base ranges from beginners, advanced practitioners, professional athletes as well as those who suffer from injury in need of alternative movement. 

1 hour private and group sessions/events available for booking.


This technique is an ancient system combining acupressure, Ayurveda, and assisted yoga postures which serves to open and stretch the body. We can uncover tension, relieve and release stress otherwise unaccomplished by other forms of massage. Its method assists in improving body misalignments, athletic performance, as well as increasing flexibility and joint mobility. Pia’s goal in this work is not limited to its physical benefits, but also to aid in identifying root causes of mind/body trauma with intention to find a path of self-awareness and healing.

Prenatal sessions available.

1hr and 1.5 hour appointments  


For rates please email:

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